Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Make Money Off Facebook

Make Money Off Facebook

Make money off facebook

You may already read one of my articles teaching about how to make money off facebook. I am going to teach you another technique in this article. You can make a good monthly income using my methods because I've used them myself. Let's cut all the fluff that people usually say and get straight to the money making methods themselves.

Affiliate Programs

First, you need to sign up to an affiliate network like Commission Junction, Click Bank, or to any CPA networks. You are going to promote other people's products to make money. Search Google to find a lot of them. Make sure you choose the trustworthy affiliate networks to avoid problems. It is free to sign up and it is pretty easy too.

For those who do not know what an affiliate network is, it is a company that caters merchant's products and services and allows affiliates like you to promote the products for a commission cut whenever a sale has been made. For simplicity, I am going to use Click Bank in my discussion here.

Click Make Money Off Facebook to continue.

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