Sunday, January 30, 2011

These Feelings I Feel

These feelings are hard to explain,
The butterflies are still here weeks later,
The knots still come when I talk to him,
The feelings are strong,
They are not going anywhere,
I want them to stay but to go aswell,
They are uncomfortable,
But I love the feelings so much,
It is funny,
How over the time of three weeks
I fell in love with him,
His caring personality,
I fell in love with him,
Every time we talk,
I fall in love with him all over again,
The way he doesn't get mad over big or small things,
How he can make me laugh when I wanna cry,
The way he knows how it feels to hurt,
The way I broke my promise and he kept his,
How I can love him more I don't know,
It feels remarkable when he tells me he loves me out of no where,
The way he's everything and the only thing to me,
I love the way he makes the blade go away,
I don't know how I met someone like him but I did,
I do not deserve him and he deserves more than me,

But he wants me at the moment,
I hope it last for a long time to,
I need to make up my mind before it is to late,
I am not going to regret making the wrong choice,
I love him more than anything,
I need to say yes and soon,
No matter what I am his,


I lost it,
I lost the faith I had in god,
I wanted to not believe,
I lost my faith for the simple fact,
If gos exist how does he let the bad things happen,
The lost loved ones,
The fake love,
Happy families fall apart,
How could this be,
I will not know that answer,
Until I enter the pearly gates,
I lost my faith once,
But this time it is here to stay,

Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit)

        I once celebrated Chinese New Year because my bestfriend is a Chinese. They invited their friends, Filipino or Chinese. I had a great time and it was fun. We had games like searching for money everywhere in the house even in the chair you were sitting or in the displayed cups and vases. Even in the sofa or tables. It was fun, even the rich.....


A Ride Back Home

She stood there in the darkness waiting for a ride.
Unknown cars, strange motors and buses passed her by.
She tried to put her head up high,
And try to hold the tears in her eyes.
In her ride for home, she gazed out the window.
Read full poem -=> A Ride Back Home

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's You

It's You
I sit in my room and cry,
I fold my arms around my legs,
Laying my head on my knees,
I wish I was stronger,
I wish I didn't think about you,
About what we had,
About the love we shared,
I want the pain to be enough,
There won't ever be enough pain though,
I want to be held as I cry,
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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Own Battle, War, and Hell

A Song Written By: Dominic A. Forte
A Song about the experiences Myself and My Friend Hope Alexandria had to endure.

My Own Battle, War, and Hell
This Song is Dedicated to: Hope Alexandria.

Walk Away

Walk Away
A Song Written By: Dominic A. Forte.

Verse 1:
I’m just a Broken Soul, that was left to Die.
With a Shattered Heart and with No Goodbye.
Will a Thousand Suns reveal the Shame I hide inside?
What did I do to hurt your Pride? Can you see the Hurt building up inside?

My Sweetest Desire

A Love Poem Written By: Dominic A. Forte. This Love Poem is Dedicated to: Denisse Mae Gumban & Sam Andrew.

My Sweetest Desire
Dedicated to: Denisse Mae Gumban & Sam Andrew
The day that our eyes met, that is when all my dreams came true.
I’ll love you till the end. No matter where we are. You’ll always be in my heart.
Where have you been My Entire Life? I’ve always needed you by my side…
Now that you are here, I fear no

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Romantic Movies

These are the list of some romantic movies that I already seen. And these are all my favorites. These movies have its different kind and ways of finding true love. It also shows the different meaning and approach about love.

Read complete list of best movies -==>
Best Romantic Movies

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Hello Writer

 Hello writer,

February is near and love will fill the air soon. Valentines signs and symbols such as love letters, love story, poems, pictures of hearts and roses will be everywhere. Some of the people will look for some love story that relates them, love letters that has the same message they want to convey and poems that will catch someone’s heart.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

St. Valentine

February is a season of love. We remember February 14 as Valentine’s Day. We celebrate this day by expressing our love for each other. Like sending cards, flowers, note of love and anything that will make them special and loved. From the day we are born we are used to celebrate that day because that's what we grow up with. But, do we know when does the valentines' day started and from whom? 
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Protecting Your Personal Information on Facebook: It Might Have Just Gotten Harder, and What You Should Do About It

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

Very good story that you should watch from Fox Business on major changes in how Facebook handles and protects - or does not -your personal info in working with third-party application developers and providers. It's info that you need to know - and might make you change the info you have provided to Facebook. This story has a very good interview on the subject with Lance Ulanoff, who is the Editor of Watch below and comment here on the blog:

Hope you will forward this blog posting on to all your real and Facebook friends! It is important.

David Wyld, Professor of Management
Southeastern Louisiana University
Wyld About Business (


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deepest Wound

This poem is for those who endure the pain and can't regain

I was abandoned and I walked alone,
But my steps took me back to the journey that’s gone.
I need to stop and start picking the pieces,
That once was whole and high in spirits.

Read full poem -=> Deepest Wound

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Nature of Green

We see different kind of colors everywhere but some of us unaware of its effect on our daily lives. It influences and changes our mood and state of mind. Those colors have meanings and effects on us physically and emotionally. Do you know that there is a color that has a power of healing? It’s the color green.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Unshed Tears

Lots of us people hate rainy days.
But there are some people who like it.

Here's one of the reason. -==> Unshed Tears

Unshed Tears: A Novel.... But Not a Fiction


It's when you're too tired, unsure and unaccepted..

Is it stupidity in staying?
When you're hurt as often as everyday?
Is it still stupidity in staying you're bleeding?
Still you're keeping pretending in different way.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friend of Mine

Hi Chad.

I still have the copy of those poems you gave me.
I hope you already found you're happiness.

Read full poem -=> Friend of Mine

Friends Forever

I wrote this poem before I  leave my high school years.

It's been a long time we've been together,
Sharing funny things with each other.
Every sad moments you made me better,
And we promised we'll be friends forever.

Read full poem -=>  Friends Forever


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