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We are writers from different places around the globe.  We have different interest but we have the same dedication. We love to write anything about life, what surrounds us and even new discoveries in life or in the world. We want to share these knowledge, ideas and opinions to you, our readers. We hope you'll find our articles informative and help you discover things you might never know.

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About angelgirlpj:
I love my big family. My husband and I have been together for 36 years, 1975. I am a mother of 2 wonderful hard working kids and a grandma to 10 grand kids. I have my own Home Care business working with the Elderly. I started it after the factory I worked in for 18 years closed it's doors and moved out of state. My business is small (when I have clients) but much more rewarding than working in a factory.
I attend New Song Community Church which is growing all the time. God is so good.

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Leyte, Philippines
About simplesoul:
I am a music lover. I love singing and dancing. I can play guitar and flute. I'm a nature lover too. I love green. I like adventures like climbing mountains and I want to see all the good things that nature can offer.               
A member of The Filipino Diaspora
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Kansas, USA

About Calare:

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. Currently, I share my home with four dogs, each one a character, an adventure, a story, and a privilege to own. I am always learning from them, and love sharing my insights or confusions with other dog lovers. Enjoy the read (after you've walked your dog)! 
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Florida, USA
About Moonlight17:

I am a 18 year old Writer, Poet, and Musician. My Favorite Band is Bullet For My Valentine, (I prefer mainly Metal and Grunge Music). I was born in London, England on March 20th, 1993. I now reside in Florida, U.S.A.

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Ohio, USA

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