Sunday, January 30, 2011

These Feelings I Feel

These feelings are hard to explain,
The butterflies are still here weeks later,
The knots still come when I talk to him,
The feelings are strong,
They are not going anywhere,
I want them to stay but to go aswell,
They are uncomfortable,
But I love the feelings so much,
It is funny,
How over the time of three weeks
I fell in love with him,
His caring personality,
I fell in love with him,
Every time we talk,
I fall in love with him all over again,
The way he doesn't get mad over big or small things,
How he can make me laugh when I wanna cry,
The way he knows how it feels to hurt,
The way I broke my promise and he kept his,
How I can love him more I don't know,
It feels remarkable when he tells me he loves me out of no where,
The way he's everything and the only thing to me,
I love the way he makes the blade go away,
I don't know how I met someone like him but I did,
I do not deserve him and he deserves more than me,

But he wants me at the moment,
I hope it last for a long time to,
I need to make up my mind before it is to late,
I am not going to regret making the wrong choice,
I love him more than anything,
I need to say yes and soon,
No matter what I am his,

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