Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Do Facebook Make Money

How do facebook make money
I noticed that I conistently wrote a few articles about how you can make money from facebook for the past few days. So the information contain in this article would be another technique on how to do it. In my previous article, I was teaching about how to create a facebook group to get free traffic and how to promote your affiliate product effectively.
This time I am going to teach you how to promote your affiliate product using facebook advertising. You may need to spend money on advertising but this is very effective when you do it right. You can sign up with Click Bank or you can apply for an account to any CPA networks to get your affiliate link.
CPA Offer
I recommend you to promote CPA offers than Click Bank products with this method. It may not be easy to get approved when you apply to a CPA network, but don't worry and keep applying to other CPA networks for they are many. Just Google search for CPA networks to find them.
Here is a tip to get approved. Do not let them think that you are a newbie to internet marketing. Tell them that you are not going to use a website of your own and that you are going to seriously promote their products through Pay Per Click or PPC. Yes, you are going to advertise your affiliate product through facebook PPC advertising...
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