Wednesday, June 15, 2011

50 things you can recycle

Here is a list of things you can start recycling today.

1. Old bricks, worthless? No, the bricks can be recycled, and are very useful for some people!

2. Using waste wood for their next home project. Use your own or find on Free cycle, Craigslist, to your local transfer station or.

3. There are many places you can replace or recycle your old electronics.

4. Or sell an ad for free scrap is recycled.

5. If you’re tired, you can make your VHS tapes are recycled

6. Tape and stickers cannot be recycled, so use sparingly at first.

7. Extras are very valuable for eBay. Try to sell in batches to save time, shipping and energy waste.

8. Empty gas cylinders can potentially be taken as scrap, or dispose of hazardous waste. Use whenever you can!

9. Even large items such as grills can be recycled as scrap metal when the gas cylinder is removed

Read more: 50 things you can recycle


papaleng said...

Very valuable tips.

Culprit Pontiff said...

great tips sol...

simplesoul said...

it's Abe's article culprit, not mine.. thanks for the comment :)


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