Friday, February 25, 2011

Room 713

A Song Written By: Dominic "Matt Way" Forte
This Song is Dedicated to: My Past.

* = Screamo Part

Room 713

Verse 1:

I can’t believe, *What I’ve seen, so tear my eyes out*

You *were at ease, on your knees, sucking him clean*

As he came, *you remained, on both your knees!*

Tears start to pour, *no remorse, to the both of you!*


*You Hurt Me!* (I Loved You)

*I Love You!* (I Used You)

You Hurt Me Bad, just go *Fuck Yourself!*


Your Heart buries me of what we used to be

I can’t erase all the things I’ve seen

*You Whore!* Promise Me, that we were meant to be

Even though it’s just a Memory

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